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December 4, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Thermal of the Week:

"Bullet Proof" Thermal by Dont Tread On Me

The Bullet Proof thermal is built to be warm as well as breathable. Constructed with a super fine waffle knit, this thermal moves with you and makes for a great layer in your winter wardrobe. On the front of the chest is our DTOM Snake wrapped around two crossbones, inside a shield. On the back is a top rocker scroll that reads "DONT TREAD" with a larger version of the Snake and crossbones in the middle and the bottom rocker that finishes with "ON ME - U.S.A", which lets everyone know that this DTOM thermal you are wearing is proudly made in the U.S.A

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November 21, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Hoodie of the Week:

"USA Badge" Zipper Hoodie by Dont Tread On Me

The USA Badge Zipper Hoodie is a classic and comforable sweatshirt that looks great but is also built to keep you super warm!
On the front is our vintage inspired DTOM USA Badge which features those proud words "Made In USA" and our infamous DTOM Snake. On the back the USA Badge is featured again but this time in a much larger version so passerby's won't forget what country made that kick-ass hoodie you're wearing! This is one of those sweatshirts that will last year after year so get yours now and with six sizes available, you can get some more for the whole family.

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November 13, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Longsleeve of the Week:

Don't Tread On Me® "Venomous" Longsleeve

This One's For The Rebels!

The Venomous longsleeve was crafted to be that edgy but warm longsleeve you can wear during these cool fall days. The front of the longsleeve features our razor sharp Snake Diamond icon. On the back is our infamous "Don't Tread On Me" inset inside a top rocker scroll that hangs over our a detailed engraving of our coiled snake, wrapped around crossing swords and in the bottom rocker scroll, a single word of warning to the world: Venomous. A caution to those with the intent to provoke, that you are coiled and ready to strike.

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October 30, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Shirt of the Week:

"Parlor" 50/50 Shirt by Dont Tread On Me Clothing

The Parlor is that one t-shirt that every guy needs to have. Woven with a super-soft 50/50 heather blend, it will feel like a vintage shirt that you've owned for years.
The original artwork on the shirt contains our antique Snake Shield and includes our famous "Dont Tread On Me" arch, which in this design, has been influenced by old-world, woodtype lettering. And finally, for a touch of class, there are two laurel wreaths. Simple and clean, this design gets the job done, can be worn anywhere, and we are proud to add this to our 50/50 collection. This shirt is sure to be an instant favorite in your wardrobe and will be for years to come.

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October 23, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Shirt of the Week:

"Centennial" Longsleeve Shirt by Dont Tread On Me Clothing

The Centennial was designed to be that All-American longsleeve that you can rock all throughout Fall and even under your heavier layers in Winter. On the left chest is a DTOM Snake Flag, subtle in it's size but powerful in it's symbolism. On the back is the flag once more but in a much larger rendition so when you're walking around town, they'll know you're a freedom-loving patriot. Last but not least is the 1700's era, classic "Dont Tread On Me" lettering that adorns the right sleeve of this classic design and unites it with it's historical roots. We think if George Washington was around today, he would definitely be rockin the DTOM Centennial longsleeve.

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October 16, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Shirt of the Week:

"Six Shooters" Longsleeve Shirt by Dont Tread On Me Clothing

The "Six Shooters" longsleeve features two crossed revolvers with coiled snake engraved pistol grips in antique, crosshatch styling. "Don't Tread On Me" fanged lettering on the back of the right sleeve.

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August 28, 2014 - Video - Don't Tread On Me Shirt of the Week:

"ANCHOR"T-Shirt by Dont Tread On Me Clothing

"The Anchor is our nautical tribute to the sea. The Old English Styled Snake is wrapped around the classic anchor icon to give it the look of a vintage, maritime tattoo. If you love the ocean or simply have a taste for adventure, then this is the shirt you need on your next expedition; whether it be on land or sea."

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A Brand Created for Individuals

For anyone looking for quality shirts to help reflect a rebellious nature while still supporting U.S.A based manufacturers, the people at Don’t Tread on Me literally have you covered. Their clothing and accessories are a bold and heartfelt reminder of our country’s spirit, with a phrase that harkens back to the rally cry of American nonconformists in the 1770’s. The graphics reflect the strength and independence of the individual. Not only does DTOM offer great shirts for men, women, and children, the site is also home to everything from hats and hoodies to decals and patches. Whichever product you choose to purchase, rest assured there’s no shortage of clothing options to showcase your pride and beliefs about freedom with the Dont Tread on Me brand.

Don't Tread on Me

Don’t just wear a shirt, Make a Statement

Every article of clothing from Don’t Tread on Me is manufactured from the highest quality materials available. DTOM is proud to create and showcase premium products that are made exclusively from USA fabrics. The site sells shirts in numerous styles, colors, and sizes to appeal to the independent spirit in everyone. These shirts not only look great on men and women alike, but they present a rugged version of the American spirit to the average onlooker through vintage artwork and stylish screen prints. The same goes for their hoodies, which come in both pullover and zipper fashions and sport vibrant insignias that express the wearer’s clear sense of independent style.

A Rich History of Independence

Don’tTreadOnMe.com does so much more than just sell T shirts; it also represents an American legacy of strength and independence. The company’s name derives from Benjamin Franklin’s influential statements about America’s national identity back when our growing country had to choose between banding together or dying apart. The famous rattlesnake image was one of the earliest designs to appear on an American flag, even before the stars and stripes, and exhibits both the courage and bravery that personify our great nation. The Don t Tread On Me brand not only seeks to display these immortal words from the country’s inception, but also to honor the bravery of those who fought for our freedom.

What We Stand For

Backed by the war cry employed by insurgents during the American Revolution, Don’t Tread On Me brand clothing symbolizes courage and independence within the American individual. At Dont Tread On Me we want to help you make your own personal statement about what it means to be American.. The site is guaranteed to have something for the heart inside anyone, with gorgeous and vivid T-shirt designs that are influenced by rock ’n roll, motorcycle culture, and various other distinctive artistic styles. These classic designs draw from the past, but still manage to incorporate a more modern sense of personal liberty and adventure, making them truly timeless. DTOM clothing and accessories are the perfect way to express your inherent individuality with a thoroughly classic, American style.

Rebellion Clothing

Wearing Your Pride on Your Sleeve

Whether you’re looking for second ammendment shirts or pro gun clothing or posters or patches, Don’t Tread on Me believes in offering only the highest quality product at reasonable prices. Few sites on the web can boast customer service as prompt and helpful, which makes them an absolute pleasure to shop with. In addition, DTOM also offers a number of great deals as a “thank you” for your business, including a free decal with any purchase over $75, free shipping for USA orders above $75, and a military discount in support of those brave men and women defending our country. There’s no shortage of reasons to stand up and let the world know that you refuse to be tread on, the best way being to wear a Don’t Tread on Me shirt with pride.

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